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Welcome to BioMembrana


We are professionals specialized in the implementation of treatments for sewage, Riles and drinking water.

Biomembrana is the combination of a secondary biological system with an ultrafiltration system, which has the advantage of the high efficiency of the ultrafiltration system combined with the low operating costs of biological systems.

We can improve any secondary biological system such as activated sludge, biodiscs, aerated lagoons, etc, that are malfunctioning and leave it within the norm.

Our company

+20 years of experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in the national and international market.

We improve your plant

We improve and repair water treatment plants.

Don't discard your plant

Do not discard or change your water treatment plant, just recondition it with us and bring it to normal.

Last generation

We combine different traditional and latest generation technologies.

Field test

We have test systems to carry out field tests.


We are constructors

We design, build and operate water treatment plants.

Get to know our water treatment system based on composting

Main advantages of our system:

Performance on Laptop

High efficiency and reliability,
lower investment and operating cost

Regarding MBR systems.

Low energy consumption
and sludge generation

Compared to traditional MBR systems.

Performance on Tablet

Our goals

Our goal is to be your partner in water treatment, acarrying all our knowledge on the subject of debugging, for which our intention is to advise you from the beginning, so that your project is at a reasonable and efficient cost.

We are open to your requirements, that is, we can build the complete plant, we can do a shared construction or we can provide engineering advice for the implementation of the treatment system.

Office Office

Let's take care of the most precious resource on the planet

Our company also implements potable and served water treatment systems, using combinations of traditional technologies, such as: Anaerobic, Aerobic, Physical-Chemical, Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis.

Our products


Riles and sewage systems

We implement various systems and technologies such as Biomembrane, biological water treatment systems and MBR.

  • Biomembrane Ensures Reach standard discharge at the lowest cost.
  • We improve the efficiency of his treatment of riles.
  • A we secure the reuse of sewage and treated wastewater.
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Systems of drinking water

We have simple solutions for the treatment of drinking water, as for example: elimination of metals, elimination of odors, elimination of salts and we have portable purification equipment for marine water sources, rivers and lakes.

  • We remove Chlorine from Drinking Water.
  • End High Desalination Costs.
  • We make water from Sea, Rivers and Lakes drinkable.

  • Learn about our composting-based water treatment system

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We accompany you from the beginning

We advise you from the beginning, so that your project is affordable and efficient. We can build the complete plant, we can do a shared construction or we can provide engineering advice on the implementation of the treatment system.

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